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Introducing Technology Enabled Training in Sports

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We use wearable technology and scientifically designed workouts & soccer programmes created by world's best coaches to improve your physical conditioning, endurance and training performance.

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Introducing the BOLTT STRIDE SENSOR to empower next generation of sports technology

Real time access to the
cadence, speed, distance &
calories burned.
Stride Sensing
Sports Tracking
Motion Analysis Capabilities
Smart and light weight
Syncs in seconds

How it works


Simply lace the sensor onto your shoe once and leave it there. The sensor collects data as soon as it senses movement


Autonomous sensor that detects your movements. There is no need to train with the phone.

tracking & analyss

A platform designed to optimise the strength and fitness of soccer athletes. Reduces injury by warning coaches of potential fatigue. Gives position and sport-specific goals.

Capabilities For Atheletes

Track your training and analyse your progress. A simple way to track fitness, performance, acceleration and training intensity on the field.

Automatic Scientific Calibration Of Fitness Goals

By simply feeding a players age, height, position & mass the system automatically calibrates and generates key soccer fitness goals such as the acceleration, body fat percentage, rate force development which then helps the athlete & coach to objectively assess and improve a player's fitness.

Training Methods

Boltt Smart Soccer Training uses a three-prong approach to get right to the heart of what matters in sports conditioning.

Sync Field Performance

  • Seamless syncing of data from training sessions via an easy wireless data upload system
  • Ant + & BLE4.0 enabled
  • Can connect multiple foot pods to a single mobile device

Seamless syncing of data from training sessions via an easy wireless data upload system

Ant + & BLE4.0 enabled

It can an connect multiple foot pods to a single mobile device

  • Distance
  • High Intensity Distance
  • Pace
  • Duration

Data metrics Captured

Analyse & Assess Your Training Sessions

View how you performed during the workout. The statistics give you an overview of your activity. Track your progress to see if you are "match ready".

monitor you progresses

Our dashboard helps you to keep track of your weekly and yearly fitness activities. Analyse, review and monitor ways to improve performance

Rate Force

Rate Force

Anaerobe Fitness

Anaerobe Fitness

Body Fat %

Body Fat %

Speed Over 10 M & 40 M

Speed Over 10 M & 40 M

Body Weight

Body Weight



Travel &

Travel & Sleep

health and well being

Performance is much more than training. Our health tab allows you to keep track of additional metrics to have an overall view of your health and fitness status.

Injury Status

Injury Status

Broad Jump

Broad Jump

Triple Jump Force

Triple Jump Force

Training Volume

Training Volume

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability

Travel and sleep

Travel and sleep

Capabilities For Coaches

For a coach , it gives access to tools that can be used to achieve the true potential of every player on the team
Coaches can scheduling training plans, reviewing performance at a glance , communicate with individual athletes, rank players
and immediately get flagged if a player is showing signs of fatigue.

Create teams & Assign Coaches

An option to create teams and assign coaches for every team.

Rank Players

Players are automatically ranked based on their training metrics , making it easier
for coaches to deploy the best players in game

Atheletes In Multiple Teams And Group

Dive and organised teams into specialized groups and assign coaches

Monitor Athlete Activity

As a coach or manager you can monitor the activities and health of your athletes
and provide important and valuable feedback.

Atheletes In Multiple
Teams And Group

Monitor Athlete

Create teams &
Assign Coaches

Rank Players

of the platform

  • Sports players & athletes will greatly benefit from a Tech enabled solution, that will help to scientifically evaluate performance, goals and training efforts.
  • Workout data/performance is transferred wirelessly to a compatible iOS / Android device
  • This will enable technology - enabled motivation and engagement for athletes. The data can then be used for assessment and evaluation.
  • The Boltt Stride Sensor can be attached securely to the laces of any shoe or it can be invisibly inserted into the mid-sole cavity of a specially designed shoe.
  • Coaches will be able to form a team of players for scheduling training plans, reviewing performance at a glance, communicating with individual athletes.
  • In addition to training guidance, there will also emphasis on wellness tracking.
  • This will increase efficiency and productivity of any individual athlete/sports team/club.
  • The solution will promote motivation, accountability and responsibility.
  • The students and trainees will be helped in reaching their true potential.
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Mark Steele Boltt Head Coach


Mark Steele has been head strength conditioning trainer for the springbok sharks super rugby and currie cup teams. He has worked with the likes of amazulu football club before being approached by sarfu to join the springbok training team as strength conditioning trainer for sa u21’s in 2001. After as were crowned u21 world champions in 2002 mark was asked to join the springbok coaching team.

He was strength conditioning trainer for springboks from 2004 to 2005, when he moved to the sharks franchise. He is held in extremely high regard by the sharks and springbok players, many of whom attribute their achievements in no small part to the training methods instilled by Mark Steele.


The platform has been designed with the help of biokineticist Mark Steel who has more than 30 years of experience in the field of "Strength Conditioning Training" and is widely considered one of the best in South Africa.

Soccer Association

Baljit Sahni

He is an Indian football player, currently playing for Atlético de Kolkata (ATK) in Indian Super League (ISL).My potential was soon spotted by the prestigious JCT Football club, who wasted no time in signing me in 2005. With JCT, He played for I-league,Federation cup and Durand cup and scored almost 20 goals till 2010. He has represented Punjab in the Santosh Trophy and moved up the international ladder from junior India team in 2006 AFC youth championship to the senior squad in due course. He won the FPAI young player of the year award for his exploits in 2008-09. In the 2009–10 season, he scored the first hat-trick of the season against Shillong Lajong at Ludhiana in October 2009. In 2008-09 he slammed six goals in seven I-League games for JCT. In 2014, finally, he joined ATK for the Indian Super League.

Cornell Glen

Cornelius Glen is a Trinidadian footballer who currently plays for Ozone Football Club in India. He began his professional career in 1999 with Trinidadian club FUTGOF. After two years with FUTGOF, Glen moved to Portugal, where he played for Sanjoanense. He scored a hat trick in a CONCACAF Champions Cup game against the Chicago Fire on 17 March 2004, Glen was bought by the MetroStars of Major League Glen signed with Mohun Bagan A.C. on 7 October 2015. On 8 January 2016 Glen made his debut, scoring twice in a 3-1 win over Aizawl F.C

Zohaib Amiri

Zohaib Islam Amiri also called Haroon Fakhruddin is a professional Afghan footballer who currently plays for Dempo S.C. in India. He is also a the Captain of the Afghanistan national football team. his position on the field is left back. He is one of the most capped Afghan players of all time. Zohaib Islam started his career in 2005 at Shoa F.C, where he played 50 games. Afterwards, in 2007, he went to play for Ferozi. C. Zohaib Islam joined Mumbai FC in 2011, and quickly became one of the star players at the club. Following his impressive performances during the 2012–13 I-League Zohaib Islam received the award for the fan's players on the season. Despite receiving this prestigious award his contract with Mumbai FC was not renewed and Zohaib Islam began thinking of moving to Bahrain or Oman to play club football, but ultimately decided to stay in India.

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