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Data Lab

We are researchers and analysts.
We love to crunch data and make use of it.


Data Gets A
New Meaning

Boltt Data Lab fosters a spirit of invention.
We are decoding user habits and studying
patterns and trends. We are using the data,
to make powerful solutions, that will benefit
human fitness and lifestyle.

Synthesis and

We are learning from massive data-sets
of unstructured information. And building
Algos & analytical framework that provide
actionable insights, to enhance life quality.



Our research and experiments combine science
and big data analytics. We are creating an
"Artificial Intelligence" to make it easier for
everyone to access expert advice on fitness,
health and training. Everyone from amateurs,
to professionals to athletes.

Simplifying The Science
of Sports And Fitness

The application of wearable technology to sports,
in a problem solving has never been attempted
before.We are converting thousands of data
points into a streamline software, that give
players, coaches and sports experts a powerful
tool to analyse and optimise training.


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