Boltt Corporate Wellness

Enliven your Workforce with Group
Corporate Wellness

Improving employee wellness and lowering healthcare costs
are common goals for employers. But addressing the needs
of participants at varying levels of fitness is a challenge.
The Boltt wellness program is unique in solving this challenge
and gears up employees to the best the of their productivity.

Wellness Platform powered by wearables

Connect Boltt Wearables to the Web Platform and
analyse daily activity to stay on track with your
fitness goals. Paritcipate in Boltt Corporate challenges.

Tailored   |   Simple   |   Amiable.

Personalized Dashboards

Motivate yourself daily

Now evaluate daily activity and well being statistics in a simple visual way.
Access custom dashboards which are a mirror of your everyday lifestyle.

Dynamic Summarization

Reporting made simple and easy

Access custom reports that bring meaning to numbers. Intelligent
data summarization that helps you decode your fitness and well being.

Group Challenges and leaderboards

Boltt Corporate Challenges

Personalized. Simple. Motivating.
Participate in group challenges that get you moving and help
you out perform yourself. Stay on top of your peak health and
fitness and encourage your colleagues to do the same.


  • easy execution

    Easy to use platform for all companies.

  • smooth e-commerce

    Platform supports member on-boarding, purchases and fees collection.

  • Personalized dashboards

    Each Member is given a custom dashboard to view his/her daily activity.

  • dynamic summarization

    The company can measure performance of all employees with detailed reportings.

  • Group Challenges and leaderboards

    Participate in team chanllenges. Get motivated and incentivized to up your activity everyday.

  • range of wearables

    Select from a range of fitness trackers and sensors in differnt colour options and prices.

Benefits for the organisation


  • Increases EFFICIENCY


Increase in

  • Boltt wearables and the wellness platform motivate employees to take a giant leap towards improving their health and fitness.
  • Members get access to personalized guidance and can set custom goals.

Result Driven

  • Boltt wellness solution is the perfect tool to measure employee productivity which goes a long way in keeping the tab on work efficiency and daily output.
  • Empower your employees to take small steps in improving their lifestyle and fitness levels.


Enhance employee productivity and efficiency

Uplift Health And Fitness Status Of Every Employee And Organisation In Turn

Decrease Healthcare Expenditure By Use Of Wearable Technology

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