Artificial Intelligence


Wearable AI Advancement

Boltt is using Data Science, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computation to advance health & fitness levels of this generation. Machines that perform voice recognition and respond to human prompts, are routine in today’s society. AT Boltt, our wearable AI advancement is exploring the future capabilities of machines, the limits and extremes of their “intelligence” and their ability to replicate human thinking.

Boltt Coach

The Birth and Evolution

We studied and dissected the training and lifestyle trends of players,
athletes and beginners. We analysed how sports trainers impart training. We dug deep into their methods , drills and disciplines. We ran with professionals & amateurs and saw the problems all of them faced while training and recovery.

B The Virtual Coach

Understanding these problems is what lead us
to develop The Boltt Intelligence or The Virtual Boltt Coach (B).
Over the months, we gave birth to a personality, that would
take the form of a trusted mentor. And guide you, in your
journey to fitness and athleticism.

Correct running
postures and

sleep, nutrition
& activity habits

Workouts and
training plans

Performance analysis
and tracking mechanisms

Combining Science
& Technology

We have been feeding B with a world of knowledge on the
science of precision running and smart training


B collects a wealth of data from the Boltt wearables. It reads your performance, fitness, nutrition and activity data, stores
them in one place; and gives meaningful insights and guidance, on how to live healthier

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